Workshop 2: Translating Queer Historicities.

Exploring queer phenomena across languages, cultures and time

Institute of Modern Languages Research, London



23 June 2017 (day 1)

Welcome and introductions                                                                           14.00-14.45             

[Session 1]                                                                                                 14.45-16.15 

Eva Nossem, ‘Frocia – un nuovo (post-)queer all’italiana?’

Orlando Myxx, 'Archivio Queer Italia (AQI) and Blurring the Boundaries of the Notion of Gender'

Respondent: SA Smythe

Coffee break                                                                                             16.15-17.00

[Session 2]

Sara Lucas Agutoli, 'Between Index and Icon: Fluid Photography'                      17.00-18.00          

Dinner                                                                                                      19.30                                                                                                                                   

 24 June  (day 2)

[Session 3]                                                                                                9.30-11.00

Elena Dalla Torre, ‘Towards a Somatic Communism: The Trans Narratives of Carla Follis, Maria M. and Paul B. Preciado’

Lorenzo Bernini, 'Giuditta, maggiordomo tuttofare'

Respondent: Julia Heim

Coffee break                                                                                             11.00-11.30  

[Session 4]                                                                                                11.30-13.00

Michela Baldo, ‘Translation and queer feminist activism: some thoughts on performativity, affect and time’

Alberica Bazzoni,Queer and Feminism in Italy: An Open Debate'

Respondent: Loredana Polezzi

Lunch break                                                                                             13.00-14.00

[Session 5]                                                                                               14.00-15.30

Nicola Ibba, ‘Posthumous queer writing: a possible sub-genre to understand queerness. The emblematic case of Umberto Saba’s Ernesto

Tommasina Gabriele, ‘La Strumentalizzazione del Queer: Alfonso Carracci in Elena Ferrante’s L’amica geniale tetralogy’

Respondent: Charlotte Ross

Coffee break                                                                                             15.30-16.00

[Session 6]                                                                                                16.00-18.00

Open session: plenary and group discussions of projects to take forward, reflections on workshop and closing remarks