Workshop 2: Translating Queer Historicities.

Exploring queer phenomena across languages, cultures and time

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23-24 June 2017

Institute of Modern Languages Research, London


This workshop is dedicated to exploring phenomena across languages, cultures and time. It will include visual, performative, and scholarly inquiries into the ways that Anglo and/or Italian queerness shapes and are shaped by language, culture, and time.

This workshop will center on the following areas of inquiry:

1. Historical Queerness: How might we frame our understanding of the possibilities of past/historical Italian queerness? What is at stake when we trace queerness in historical excavations and analyses of dissidence (both sexual and otherwise)?

2. Queerness and the Italian Archive: How do we identify, remember or otherwise engage with the Italian queer archive on the level of form, content, or memory?

3. Queering Time and Language: How have forms of queerness migrated and evolved across time, cultures and languages? What may Italian specific studies contribute to queering temporal-linguistic relations?

4. Time and Translation: What processes of ‘translation’ are at work when we seek to make sense of queerness in other temporal, cultural and linguistic zones? What are the ways that translation can be queered to understand the relationships between texts and time?

5. Translation as/and Italian Activism: When engaging in LGBTQAI activism in the Italian context, what role might translation play? Can translation be activism? What might queering translation contribute to historical understandings of activism?

QuIR invites scholars, artists, and activists to submit paper proposals, artist statements, and performance ideas that in some way address, or call into question the issues above. The workshop will consist of various formats including but not limited to performances, roundtable discussions, and panels over the course of each day. The workshop will be in both English and Italian. Please submit an abstract or artist statement/proposal of 300-500 words, and a brief accompanying bio to: by 20 January 2017. Please specify to which workshop your proposal relates in the subject line of your email.